is an actual betting diary of a true professional. The true professional is me – James Six, statistics and econometrics graduate. In my betting diary here at I provide sport tips for several competitions mainly focused on football (soccer) but also American sports like NHL, NBA and college football and basketball.



I use available statistics to determine a baseline for my tips. When an algorithm gives me an idea about a game, further research follows. Only the best tips get to Betting Diary, the rest I divide into categories which you can see on the right.


Betting Diary

Founded in March 2015 as a part of my Facebook page where the tips were presented. There you can find the most valuable tips I have.


Tip Every Single Day

Even if I don’t have a tip suitable for my betting diary, there is always one No-Brainer every day. That means that every single day there will be a betting tip with highest chance of winning that day.


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You don’t have to visit every day to get your winning tips! I post them simultaneously on my Facebook page and Twitter. However it still is a good idea to check this web from time to time as it has much more to offer!


Release Times

Daily No-Brainers are posted every day at 01:00 AM UTC.

Betting Diary tips don’t have fixed time but they are always posted at least one day before the match even though that doesn’t mean 24 hours before the match.

Decent Opportunities have no release restrictions.


My History

My personal betting history dates back to the time when I was 14 years old and my classmates took me to the betting shop for the first time. Of course that I was struggling to earn money and I was counting more losses than wins. But now – many years later – I feel so much confidence that I have decided to disclose my betting diary.