I have already informed about new anti-spam software but that is not the last thing I have done today! I have added some great new features and connected with social networks.

Even though the reader of this betting diary won’t notice many changes – as most of them stay undercover – I’m sure the experience from this blog will be better now.

One of the best new features added is new comment section. From now visitors can login via their social networks accounts. Also there is a possibility to stay informed about what is going on in comment thread you entered. Simply check box and you won’t miss reactions to your comment.

Sharing buttons have change, there is Facebook, Twitter and Google+ button, if you would like to add your favorite social network, let me know!

And finally! If the new settings work, my Facebook and Twitter readers should see this post automatically!

Starting on Tuesday all new posts will appear also on my Facebook page and Twitter account, so you won’t miss any of new betting tips!

New features and social networks connection
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