Jablonec (AH +0).

Odds: 1,61

Bookie: Pinnacle

Well, there is a real mess in the odds for this match. Home side is valued from 3,10 to 3,60. Promoted Hradec Kralove suprisingly won last match by a big margin whereas Jablonec got into trouble with another promoted team Karvina. Jablonec saved the match in second half and won 5:3.

Crazy last matches and fact that this match won’t be held at Hradec Kralove’s home stadium due to reconstruction make it tough to predict.

If I took home advantage into account I would find a small value in Hradec Kralove bet. However, I do not think that the home advantage should be considered in this case. When subtracting home field advantage there is great value on the away side.

For me it is extremely challenging to try to predict this match. It is only second match in the season, it is kind of tricky match but when not considering draw I think a small bet on Jablonec can make this weekend a little bit more fun… especialy if you are about to watch the game.

Hradec Kralove – Jablonec
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