This is how I divide tips into categories:

Betting Diary

As the name suggest, in this category I present tips which should compete with bookmakers. I take it as a challenge to prove myself that I can predict some matches better than they do. That’s why I started my own betting diary.

These are the best quality tips and most deeply analyzed matches on the site. You can see detailed statistics on my Google Docs page.


Decent Opportunities

Tips noted as Decent Opportunities are just step behind my Betting Diary tips. Sometimes my numbers show me that a match is worth of closer look and I don’t have enough time to go through it. Occasionally I have some sort of valuable information but my numbers are strongly against that tip.

All of these go to Decent Opportunities category. I advice to do some further research on these tips.


Today’s No-Brainer

Today’s No-Brainer tip is simply a prediction of outcome with the highest chance of winning that day. I choose it from all matches my numbers cover.

It happens that my school or work duties make me more busy than I would like to. At that time predicting sport events gets sidelined. However, I still have my numbers working for me. So I use them to select Today’s No-Brainer tip.