Do you know a site with 75 % of winning bets? Well… during the very first year of its existence did that!


21 Consecutive Winners

It was mind-blowing start of my blog and who knows if I can ever put it together again. The truth is that 21 winning bets without a losing one is just insane. Cumulative odds of this incredible run went to 148.48 only using Bet365 odds. I wrote this short blog post when achieving 20. Even though this was definitely the most impressive thing here at, it wasn’t by far the only one.


16 Green Weeks

“Green Week”, that’s what I call 7 straight winning bets. It happened 16 times! And count… year has only 52 weeks itself. That means that almost every third week has zero losing tips and readers of this page count only winners.


272 Winning Bets

272 That’s exactly the number. But I know what you are thinking right now… give us more meaningful numbers, not this promo bulls*it – show us the profit! Well…

2016 Profit from Betting Daily No-Brainers

The slope of 0,027 corresponds with yield of 2,3 %. Despite some incorrectness (from statistical point of view) in R-squared construction, it says that there is only a minor chance for these results to be pure luck.


Regular Betting

Thinking of regular betting with

Profit Distribution for 10 Consecutive Bets

If you decided to follow my tips for 10 days, you probably touched some nice profit. You were at least even 61 % of the time. Also there was 50 % chance for you to reach more than 5 % yield!

Many people think that Daily No-Brainers offer such small odds that it is impossible to make any profit. Here you can see it’s not true. On top of that, 75 % of bets are the winning bets which results in very small variance. Hand in hand with the small variance goes almost zero chance of some devastating downswing, even with a low budget.

Yield in Comparison with Odds

In fact, here at, bets on the lowest odds are one of the best performing! With increasing odds (green line) also the mean yield is growing (dotted line), however the slope is not that big. It means that you can expect higher yield when betting higher odds but the bigger risk which goes with higher odds is not rewarded accordingly.


Random Betting

You really don’t have to be afraid of betting with only from time to time. I ran 5 000 simulations considering someone to be betting from 10 to 100 matches a year.

Probability of Achieving Certain Yield Depending on Number of Bets

There is 58 % chance to make profit from betting 10 randomly selected bets. The chance increases with more bets up to 69 % when betting 100 matches. More than 1 % yield one can have with probability of 55 % (10 bets) to 62 % (100 bets). There is a constant chance of 53 % to have at least 2 % yield.

Again, you may not see these numbers appealing. Let’s see the probability of ruin (chance of losing all your bankroll).

Probability of Ruin Depending on Unit Bankroll

Thanks to high percentage of the winning bets and therefore low variance, with bankroll of 15 units you have almost zero chance to lose it all! Even if you start your journey with one unit, you have more than 10 % chance to turn it into a great fortune.


Interesting Facts about You, the Visitors

  • The popularity of have exploded during couple of last months, hitting the highest traffic in December 2016.
  • Even though 55 % of visitors come from Europe, USA is the leading country
  • Tuesday is the busiest day, Friday the opposite
  • Over 50 % of visitors are leaving in 10 seconds, however the record is 34 minutes
  • 87 % found me on Google
  • 65 % of you browse the web using desktop computer
    • 35 % use Windows 7, 10 % are still on XP, third are Linux users
  • 26 % use smartphones
    • iPhone is the leading phone, followed by Sony, Samsung and Lenovo
    • When it comes to operation system, Android is slightly ahead of iOS
  • Chrome is the most used browser, followed by Firefox and Opera


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